VETERUN is an out of the box concept by Explore Adventures in the context of sports events for veterans. As the word explains, “VETERUN” is a run for veterans. It is a unique half marathon – probably, the India’s only running race which is dedicated only to the masters.

The fourth edition of Veterun is presented by Rotary Club of Pune, NIBM on 29th October 2017, in PUNE!


The objective behind the race is to promote healthy living amongst the majority population in India. Lifestyle related ailments, diseases, and posture induced sickness are common among people once they cross 35 years of age. Including walking, running or any form of exercise into the daily routine is the only way to overcome these threats.

VETERUN aims at promoting a healthy lifestyle especially among the veterans through this running race.

Know the Race Details.

Warning: VETERUN is a trademark of Explore Adventures and the use of this word in any form will call legal action.

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